Do’s and Don’ts for Roof Cleaning

One of the duties of home ownership is keeping your roof clean so it functions and looks, it’s best. Here are some tried and true dos and don’ts to help you keep your roof in tip top shape. Do: Periodic roof cleaning may be needed to remove any algae or moss. There are cleaning solutions … Read more

Design a Roof to Withstand Severe Weather

There are a few factors to consider when it comes to roof design. You want your roof to not only look nice, but it should also be able to resist extreme weather conditions. We’ll go through how to build a roof that’ll stay up to code and protect your home from the elements in this … Read more

Flood-Prevention Renovations

Recent occurrences in the southern states have served as a devastating and disturbing reminder of nature’s destructive power over people and property. We expect that people who already own property in these locations will receive additional guidance and aid in flood-proofing their existing dwellings. Everyone knows someone who has been impacted by the flooding. Most … Read more

6 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen

Whether it’s a catch-up over coffee, quiet meals with friends, or cooking with the kids, the kitchen space begs to be shared. However, what if your kitchen is on the smaller side? We come across plenty of inventive methods to optimize a tiny kitchen space for sharing as a design and build company, so here … Read more

Can You Pressure Wash Mold?

mold on roof

Mold and mildew is a fungi that will grow on practically any substance. It reproduces from spores that are carried through the air. Mold growth requires dampness. With the exception of cold weather, mold spores are usually present outdoors. How to Wash Mold, Moss, Mildew, Algae and Other Contaminants from Outdoor Surfaces Cleaning mold from … Read more